Introducing MUCH PRIDE, A 5-Part Series On What It Means To Be Proud

Tue, June, 19 by MUCH

Welcome to MUCH PRIDE! We’re featuring vibrant LGBTQ+ Canadians and MUCH Creators, with episodes venturing across spectrums, beyond binaries, and into bedrooms. Expect honest answers, eye-opening interviews and visuals, and a diverse celebration of what it means to be proud.

Watch all five episodes of MUCH PRIDE below.

Episode 1, Trans

Pina Michelle sits down with Bianca Harris to talk about her transition, relationships and how the media portrays trans people.


Episode 2, Drag

Sofonda Cox makes over Jaclyn Forbes while chatting drag history, lingo, and what it means to be a drag queen.


Episode 3, Acronyms

Michael Rizzi and friends unpack the alphabet soup. Get ready to learn the ‘QI2SA’ of LGBT.


Episode 4, Non-Binary

Kaitlyn Alexander walks us through their journey to self-discovery, pronouns, and how a dialogue can make a difference.


Episode 5, Gay Sex

Michael Rizzi and Cindy Lou Ha get real about first times, rimming, scissoring, and safe gay sex.