Mumford & Sons Talk ‘Wilder Mind’, Touring and Spiders


Much’s very own Tyrone “T-Rex” Edwards caught up with Mumford & Sons backstage at their show in Toronto recently to talk about their new album, writing music while on the road and more.

Wilder Heart, released in January of this year, presents a new kind of Mumford –an evolved, electric, more “plugged-in” vibe, as lead vocalist Marcus Mumford describes it. But the band isn’t trying to completely deviate from the sound that made them famous.

“It’s not like we sat down and said ‘Let’s never play acoustic instruments ever again,'” Mumford explained. “It was more like, ‘We want to try this.'”

You can watch the whole interview (in which Tyrone heroically picks a spider off of Mumford’s shoulder) below.