How To Make A Music Video With Your Phone

Cell Phone Videos

When it comes to making music videos, anything goes. From big budget productions that rival the latest blockbuster films to understated art pieces that feature a solo singer in front a simple black backdrop, music videos come in all different forms.

One of the latest forms is music videos shot on cell phones. Breaking down the barriers of filming, some of today’s biggest artists are showing that you too can shoot your own music video simply with a cell phone. And some really good lighting.

Here are a few artists proving there’s more to cell phones than Pokémon Go and Candy Crush, though we love those things too.

“Only One,” Kanye West

When you work with one of the most critically acclaimed directors of your generation, what do you do for your music video? If you’re Kanye West working with Spike Jonze, you walk around in the rain with your daughter while Jonze makes a home video. Conceptually, it doesn’t get more basic. Cuteness-wise, we’re kinda dying.

“No Love Like Yours,” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The polar opposite to West and Jonze talking a rainy stroll would definitely be actor Olivia Wilde getting behind the iPhone for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. In a video that we can only assume had Apple execs salivating, Wilde shows what you can really do with an iPhone in this beautifully shot parade party video. What filter is that?

“Hell No,” Ingrid Michaelson

One artist that is in no way hiding the fact that her video is shot on a cell phone is Ingrid Michaelson. The singer-songwriter released the Snapchat-loving video earlier this year for her break-up anthem, “Hell No.” Is Ingrid Michaelson taking back her ex? Rainbow-tongue-no. Puppy-dog-no. Old-lady-no. How many Snapchat ways does she have to tell you?

“Look At Me,” T-Pain

Described as a “well-lit, turd-quality selfie video,” T-Pain scored himself a sweet iPhone case from TY-LITE for showing their product in his music video for “Look At Me.” Everyone has a sponsorship price. T-Pain is just really upfront about his.

Look At Me

“How Long Will I Love You,” Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding shot two videos for her cover of The Waterboys track “How Long Will I Love You.” The second video featured Goulding and a male actor running around town showing off their love for one another by completing embarrassing dares. Um, love sucks? They captured their acts of loving vandalism with a Nokia Lumia I020, the same camera that was used to shoot the video. Ahhhh love…and sponsorship.

“Brad Pitt’s Cousin,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Want to know what it’s like to tour with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? Check out their video for “Brad Pitt’s Cousin.” Shot entirely on an iPhone, the video features tour footage from the duo’s time in Europe promoting their 2016 album, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. From singing in the shower to being backed by an all-female singing group, to showing off Macklemore’s super cute daughter in her matching Adidas track suit, “Brad Pitt’s Cousin” may not feature the actor the song is named for, but it does give fans a glimpse into the life of a celeb on tour.