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Much Video Dance

  1. Who are we?

    We are the guys that have been helping people all across Canada host their own Much Video Dance (MVD). As MuchMusic's exclusive supplier, our company, Videomax Inc., has worked with the Much promotions people to produce the almost 20,000 events hosted since 1988.

  2. What is a MVD?

    The MVD is a mobile video road show. We utilize music videos as the music entertainment for people to dance to.

  3. What comes to your MVD?

    We bring the big screen(s), rear-projection LCD projectors, sound system, dance floor lighting and special effects, real Much prizes to give away, posters and promo before the event, a live on-screen VJ Host, and most importantly, all the best music videos from our extensive video dance library.

  4. Who can host an MVD?

    Schools (elementary, middle, junior high and high schools), colleges & universities, community groups, fundraising and charity organizations, corporate events, and of course private events.

  5. How can you play for all those different audiences?

    Music. It's all about the music. Every event, and every crowd is different. By varying the programming to suit the audience, we can structure an MVD for any crowd.

  6. So what kind of music do you play?

    We play the music that works for your crowd. We aren't there to play what we like, but rather what makes your event work. Whether you need hip hop, r & b, pop, rock, old school, retro... we can program a mix that will work for your audience

  7. Do you take requests?

    Of course we take requests!! It's by the requests and the response on the dance floor that we are able to tell what your crowd is into.

  8. What about video and lyric content?

    Our aim is to program an age appropriate mix for your audience. Our videos have been edited before they ever get added to our video dance library, and we also have the ability to edit "on-the-fly" during an event.

  9. What about theme events?

    Sure. Retro, old school, tell us the theme for your event, and we can program the music around that theme.

  10. Where in Canada can you host an MVD?

    Since 1988 we have been virtually everywhere in Canada. If we can get there by land, boat, or plane, you can host an MVD.

  11. What kind of facility do you need to host a MVD?

    Gymnasiums, cafeterias, auditoriums, banquet halls, community centers, arena ice surfaces, tents... you name it, we have probably done a video dance in a location just like the one you have in mind. If you still have a question as to whether the location you are considering will work, just call and ask us to go over the technical details of the set up with you. Just remember, we are a video projection event, and darkness is required for best results.

  12. Are there promotional materials available?

    We have MVD posters available, and we can download logos and artwork to you for use in local newspapers, to create you own flyers, advertising, or tickets.

  13. What about prizes?

    We bring Much t-shirts, and CD prizes to give away at every event.

  14. How much does it cost?

    The pricing varies depending on a number of factors. The day of the week, whether an afternoon or evening dance, the city (for travel purposes), the hosting organization, etc. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we need these details from you. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT OUR INFORMATION /PRICING FORM

  15. How do we book an MVD?

    Simply contact us to put all the details together.

  16. If we book what are our responsibilities

    We look after the actual entertainment, so you are responsible for everything else. Securing the location, advertising and promotion, selling of tickets, and event security.

  17. Are there any licensing fees?

    We are licensed by the AVLA (Audio Video Licensing Association) and that allows us to show the videos at your event. We have already paid those fees. Any other fees (such as SOCAN- those are fees collected on behalf of music writers and performers) are the responsibility of you and the venue operator.

  18. How do we know you are going to show up?

    There is a contract between you (the hosts), and us (the producers), that is put together at the time of booking the event. Once that is signed by both of us, we are obligated to be there for you.

  19. Do we have insurance?

    Yes, we have comprehensive general liability insurance covering any mishaps created by our equipment and staff at your event. Any other insurance needs are between you and the venue for your event.


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Contact Us
Much Video Dance National Booking Office

5 Manitou Drive, Suite 15C
Kitchener, ON. N2C 2J6

General inquiries -
Tim O'Donnell -


Rob Dice -


Sean Millar -


Elementary School fundraising

Here's How It Works

Kick off assembly:

  • We come to the school 2, 3, or 4 weeks prior to your dance day, and provide an amazing, interactive kick off assembly.
  • We give the students a sample of what the dance will be like, and let them know that all they have to do is raise money (for a purpose that the school decides - ie, technology, playground or sports equipment).
  • We bring in a screen, small sound system, lighting effects, a few prizes to give away for the assembly. The students will take home info on the fundraiser, as well as pledge sheets that we can help create for you to distribute.
  • There are posters to remind everyone that Much is coming.

Dance Day:

  • We arrive early, set up a large screen and the full sound and lighting system.
  • We make sure that the content is appropriate for the ages involved. The music and visuals are student exciting, parent friendly, and administration responsible.
  • Prizes from Much are given out during the dance (dance contests, etc.)
  • When the dance is over, we tear down and go home. You are then left to count the pledges, total the amount raised, and congratulate yourself on a great fundraiser. This means a fundraiser that is simple to run with fewer volunteers needed.

Cost To You:

  • We never profit share with you.
  • Our cost is known at the beginning of the fundraiser, and is based on the day of the week you host the dance, and the number of students involved.
  • Please fill out our contact form for a quote specific for your school.

How To Get Started:

Simply fill out a quote request. Or, for additional info, email or call:
Rob Dice ( 1-800-461-6824.

Rob is happy to answer all of your questions, help with suggestions to make your fundraiser more successful, and he can also bring that info to a Parent Council session should you need that as well. There are generic forms available that you can customize to your needs for sending information home to parents about the fundraiser, Much logos, and even a generic pledge form should you wish to create your own.

Request Quote

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Community organization fundraising

Who is it for?

Any organization that wants to utilize a dance event format (for teens or adults) to raise money.

  • Minor sports groups/ Athletic organizations
  • Charity or community groups
  • Not for Profit organizations
  • Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets
  • Service clubs
  • Festivals/ Fairs
  • Galas

So how does it work?

  • It is up to the organization to find the location (suitable to host a video dance, holds enough people to make it viable, and one that their target audience will attend).
  • The organization finds a date that works well for them and doesn't conflict with any local events, and then confirms that MuchVideoDance is available on that date.
  • We provide posters and logos (artwork) to enable the organization to get started on their local promotion.
  • Ticket pricing is set by the organization.

What happens on the day of the dance?

  • The MuchVideoDance crew will arrive at your location and set up a video-dance that consists of big screens, sound system, and dance floor lighting suitable for the venue.
  • The Much crew will be interactive hosts, play all the best music videos, take requests, and execute giveaways
  • The organization is responsible for ticket sales, event security, and an overall positive and safe environment for those attending.
  • For those organizations that may be hosting a MuchVideoDance as part of a dinner, or banquet, the organization can create content for the video screens to be shown during the cocktails and the dinner. It could include logos, pictures, video, etc.

What does it cost?

  • The cost of having MuchVideoDance is based on a number of factors which include: date, city (travel costs) and to a certain extent the time of year. For an exact quote for your event, please contact us.
  • Much Video Dance DOES NOT profit share with the organization in any way. It is simply a tool for the organization to use. The planning, marketing, promotion and ticket sales are up to the organization. If the organisation does a great job, has an amazing turnout, and a successful event, then the profit is theirs to keep (not share with us). When you have had a great event, all we ask is "let's do it again!"

What can an organization expect to make?

  • It depends on how efficient the planning, marketing and execution was prior to the event, and of course, the attendance. We have had many organizations make several thousand dollars on an event, and immediately rebook us to come back for a future dance. Many organizations have had great success in hosting a series of dances over a period of time, and the momentum grows from one to the next.

What's the next step?

Fill out the request for info form here, or contact one of our professionals directly.

Tim O'Donnell 1-800-461-6824 (ON, MB, SK, 780 AB, NT)
Rob Dice 1-800-461-6824 (Atlantic Canada, PQ, ON)
Sean Millar 1-888-353-6824 (403 AB, BC, YK)

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