Music Video Submissions

Videos Submitted to MUCH, M3, MuchLOUD, MuchVIBE Juicebox must Meet The Following Guidelines


HD is our preferred format (pdf). If your video is SD, please refer to these delivery delivery specifications (pdf). We primarily receive videos digitally via a delivery service called DMDS. Regardless of delivery method it is mandatory that your video be closed captioned as per CRTC regulations.

Submission Form

A completed form (scroll to bottom of page to complete) is required for each video submitted.

Broadcast Agreement

A completed broadcast agreement (pdf) must accompany each video submitted by a non Connect Music Licensing member, without the signed agreement your video will not be screened.

Bio Information

While not essential, it is a good idea to send any information regarding sales/spins/views along with your video. A link would be fine, paper is also acceptable.


Please include lyrics with your video submission.

Screening Committee

The Much Screening Committee views new videos every Tuesday for possible airplay on our music channels and our website. The deadline for submissions has changed to Thursday by 5 PM. To find out if your video has been screened contact us:

Canadian Content

We like it! This CRTC Document (pdf) details what is required for your video to be considered Canadian content.

Video Returns

Please note that your video will not be held indefinitely but can be returned if you include a mailing address on your submission form or we can arrange a time for you to pick it up. Do not send your master!

Contact Info

MuchMusic Video Library
299 Queen St W.
Toronto, ON, M5V 2Z5
(416) 384-8000

Liz Houlihan ext.2241
Jodie Epstein ext.2214
Ashley Hatton ext.3243

Library Supervisor:
Heather Middleton ext. 2240


Any questions about your submissions click here.

It is your (the submitter's) responsibility to ensure that content containing any strobing, flashing and/or stationary patterns have met with safety standards so as not to be a trigger for seizures.

Download Forms

Please note that all forms are in Adobe PDF format. Click on the title to download.

Content Standards

We follow the CAB Codes and have our own policy about the content we can and cannot air. Please have a look so you're familiar with our rules when it comes to coarse language, nudity, violence, alcohol, etc.

Details +

The Much MTV Group follows the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' (CAB) Code of Ethics, Equitable Portrayal Code for Radio and Television Programming, and Voluntary Code Regarding Violence in Television Programming, as well as our own programming policy. (If you would like to view the CAB codes, you may do so at

    As a result, we do not air content which:

  • Is abusive, derogatory or unduly discriminatory to someone based on gender, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, etc.
  • Exploits, degrades or objectifies women (or men or children)
  • Sexualizes children
  • Promotes or glamourizes violence, or shows it gratuitously
  • Promotes or glamourizes drugs or alcohol, or shows them gratuitously
  • Depicts suicide realistically
  • Offends prevailing community standards of acceptability

    Please note that if your video contains any of the following, it may only be eligible for air after 9pm:

  • Sexually explicit material
  • Nudity in a sexual manner
  • Coarse language intended for an adult audience
  • Excessive violence intended for an adult audience
  • Depiction of alcohol or drug use

    We will consider content that contains:

  • Sexually suggestive language and content
  • Mild coarse language
  • Limited and moderate violence within the context of the narrative
  • Non-sexual nudity, i.e bare bums

*These are not definitive lists.

Please Fill out the submission form below:

Please Note: We require all of the following informaton to be completed. Incomplete submissions will not be screened.

Video Details:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Other
  • POP
  • ROCK
  • ALT
  • PUNK
  • RAP
  • R&B
  • SKA
  • SOUL
  • JAZZ
  • A/C
  • FUNK
  • FOLK

Canadian Content:

  • Music
  • Artist
  • Song Production
  • Lyrics
  • Direction
  • Video Production Facilities

Video Funding:

  • MuchFACT
  • Musicaction
  • Bravo!FACT
  • MaxFACT
  • Other

Video Code(s):

Fill out any that apply

Contact Information: