Must-Have Celebrity Gaming Apps You Need To Be Playing


Our phones are more than just devices that allow us to stay in touch with each other. They’re our camera, our alarm clock, and even our new gaming platform. Mobile games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Flappy Bird are just a few examples of trendy games that users have practically become addicted to (they’re surprisingly fun).

Like many celebrities, Taylor Swift recently decided to take advantage of this game app craze. She’s partnered up with Glu Mobile, the same company responsible for creating Kim Kardashian Hollywood, to create her own version of Kim‘s game. Her game is currently in development, with no details specifically on the type of content. There’s also no release date set yet.

To tide you over until the game’s released, we’ve compiled some of the most fun celebrity game apps out there that you should play:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood


This is the most obvious one on the list, but it’s pretty addictive. The objective is to become an A-list celebrity by gaining popularity in fame and fashion. There’s even a virtual version of Kim in the game who befriends you and makes appearances throughout the story line.

Katy Perry Pop


Katy Perry is another celebrity who’s cashing in on the trend of being the face of a gaming app. Similarly to Kim Kardashian Hollywood, this app is about climbing to the top of the Hollywood food chain. Perry’s colourful avatar serves as a guide to help your virtual character become the next big musical sensation. Another thing the apps have in common is that Glu Mobile is also the creator. Unlike its counterpart, Katy Perry Pop didn’t do very well in app stores, only reaching number 54 in iTune’s App Store chart, and number 115 in the Google Play shop.

Covet Fashion With Gabrielle Union


Covet Fashion isn’t specifically a game by Gabrielle Union, but she’s become the face of the app, sort of like a brand ambassador. In this game, you purchase designer clothing with virtual money and style looks based on challenge requirements. There are even specific challenges where you have to style Gabrielle Union for certain occasions. Her virtual mini-me shares quite the strong resemblance too!

Demi Lovato: Path To Fame


In Path To Fame, you’re also represented by a virtual avatar who lands a position on Demi Lovato‘s tour. You play a character who’s trying to get their music discovered and become a pop star in their own right. The game is based on a story line where you make the decisions for the character’s next move. Demi serves as a mentor to the character in the game. Her music is even featured throughout, so while playing this, put on those headphones and jam out!

Britney Spears American Dream


Oh look, it’s another musical app with a similar story line to the others! Britney Spears announced that her app would be coming out in early 2016, so it looks like the time for release is approaching. I’m sure by now you could guess who the app developer for this game is: Glu Mobile. Although it’s about working toward becoming a famous singer like many of these games, it’s sure to be addicting (that seems to be part of the pattern here, so far).

Kendall and Kylie


The two youngest sisters of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are following in their sibling’s footsteps with having an app game. Kendall and Kylie guide you on your own custom path do becoming and up-and-coming star (similar to big sister Kim’s app). This isn’t their only app though. The sisters also have individual apps that serve as blogs presenting exclusive content for users to subscribe to. Unfortunately, those apps are only available by paid subscription, while users could technically play their Glu Mobile app without moo-lah.

Honorable Mention: “Nictionary”


Nicki Minaj’s Nictionary earns an honourable mention for celebrity apps. It may not be a game, but it’s totally a source of entertainment. In it, she defines the terms and slang she uses in her Pink Friday album. In fact, this album might actually be the most helpful of the bunch.

What’s your favourite celebrity app to play? Are you looking forward to trying the Taylor Swift app upon its release? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @MUCH.