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Nailed It! We Picked The Perfect Cast For The New Archie Show


Fri, October, 24 by


After the success of an Archie comics shift in 2010 with Life With Archie, the comic series we all love has found new life. Now Fox is set to create a new live action show based on the series. The show is set to be a subversive take on the comic series following the crew we all know around their home town of Riverdale with darkness bubbling below the surface. Things are in the very beginning stages of productions but we do know Riverdale will be written by the head of creative operations at Archie Comics. Very promising!

But what we all want to know is who will fill out the major roles. This took a lot of brainstorming but I think we have come up with the perfect cast. Feel free to send us our paycheck Fox. We basically did the casting for you. If you think you can do better (which you can’t, sorry) let us know @much. Check out who we picked for the parts.

Cameron Monaghan:


This up and comer isn’t just a good pick because of his firey red hair. If that were the case then Carrot Top would be a contender. And he is not. Cameron also has the acting chops. As one of the most promising young actors, Cameron has had a long running role on the prestigious dramedy Shameless with William H. Macy and is going to explode to super stardom when he stars in the new distopian young adult film The Giver. You may also remember him from when he was a little kid playing Chad in Malcolm In The Middle. And although he is now 21, he can pull of the high school look really well.

Lily Collins:


Lily Collins has that deadly beauty. You know what I mean. Those deep brown eyes, incredible eyebrows and alluring pout. Right now her hair style is messy bob but attach a few extensions on to her head and we have a real Lodge. Veronica is sexy in the most challenging way. She keeps things exciting but not always for the best. Lily showed she can kick butt in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones so she definitely won’t take any shit from Archie. And she also has a rich and famous dad just like Veronica.

AnnaSophia Robb:


I mean, come on. Is that not Betty? That is Betty. AnnaSophia Robb has the right sweetness to play America’s favourite girl next door. In the eternal battle of Betty vs. Veronica, our television Betty needs to portray her selfless and strength. AnnaSophia has got it. Plus, she has experience playing another character with a huge established fan base burdened by grand expectations. She played the young Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries.

Jon Mulaney:


Jon Mulaney is starring in his own show right now, yes. I know that. But having watched one episode I can’t really say he knocked it out of the park. I’m not saying that we want the show to fail but as they say, truth and time tells all. He may seem a bit old to play a teenager but who is to say Jughead isn’t an older guy who never quite graduated? I mean his whole high school cartoon identity is built around how dumb he is. Just slap a weird crown on this lanky dude and you’ve got the sweet and stupid Jughead Jones.

Jesse Plemons:


Jesse Plemons has got the look. Don’t take that the wrong way. And yes, the photo above is from 2008, but come one. He has it. And as my fellow writer says, it would be nice to see him play a sweetheart again after being sneaky evil personified in Breaking Bad. If Judghead is the dummy of the Archie franchise then Moose is the… well I don’t know. It isn’t good. But he has a kind heart and a warm soul that keeps Midge running back for more. Jesse demonstrated both of those traits where we all first learned to love him as Landry on Friday Night Lights.

Mark Salling:


I’m sorry. For a second there I thought the cartoon character of Reggie Mantle turned in to a real life human because I’m pretty sure that is whose picture is up there. If the casting agents at Fox haven’t thought of this already their employment should be questioned. He basically became famous through another Fox show, Glee and he has the look locked. And we all know that he can do d-bag very well. Mostly though, it is his ridiculous resemblance. And he could use another big break.

Emily Ratajkowski:


Emily aka the “Blurred Lines” girl aka Gone Girl‘s Andie would make a great Midge. To me Midge is a girl who is sweet and generous and doesn’t really know how hot she is yet. I’m pretty sure Emily knows how hot she is but I still think she could pull this off for some reason. Her performance in Gone Girl was short but, ahem, memorable. And it was enough for me to think she should keep this acting thing going. She may want to keep going on the prestigious movie route but if she wants to break in to TV, this may be the role for her.