Natasha Leggero Explains The Absurd But Historical Accuracy Of ‘Another Period’


Wed, July, 29 by


A lot of weird things happen on Natasha Leggero’s new show, Another Period. From cocaine wine parties to insanely competitive pageants, it can be tough to believe that some of these things are actually historically accurate to 1902 society in Newport. (Okay, maybe not the cocaine wine parties.) But according to Leggero, there are a lot of facts about the show that are totally true.

Last night, Leggero went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and talked about her “Keeping Up With the Kardashians meets Downton Abbey” fake reality show, a “period comedy” as Leggero describes, and reveals an example of how their show has adapted real history.

“Ben Stiller, who’s playing Charles Ponzi, who’s the inventor of the ponzi scheme, a real person; we give him this gift of child who wears a turban around his head and he’s just his whipping boy,” she says. “That’s something I read that Consuelo Vanderbilt […] they just went to Asia and they, like, found this orphan and they just gave it to her and not to be part of the family, just to be her servant and they put it in this costume and this child just had to wait on her — but this is a human being!”

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