Nate Ruess On Going Solo: “It Just Felt Like The Right Time”


Thu, July, 16 by


Most fans recognize singer Nate Ruess for his many collaborations, be it in his bands The Format and Fun. or singing on tracks with Pink and Eminem. But for the first time ever, Ruess has gone solo on his album, Grand Romantic. Well, sort of.

“It never really feels too much like a solo album,” Ruess tells Liz Trinnear. “I can’t play any instruments, I just hear songs in my head and then it’s really up to the people in the room to not only understand them, but kind of make it their own.”

In that sense, collaboration is instilled in Ruess’ work, but he does point to one advantage of forging his own path: “You’re dependent on your own schedule […] I’ve never enjoyed myself as much as now, so I’m spending some extra time with myself.”

And when asked why now, this is what Ruess had to say: “It just felt like the right time. I like a good challenge […] I’m inspired by challenge.”

Watch the full interview below. Nate Ruess’ debut solo album Grand Romantic is out now.