Nathan Fielder Could Be Headed To Outer Space


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Despite his goal of helping small businesses, Nathan Fielder has always ended up helping his own show, Nathan For You, by executing highly ambitious ideas throughout its three seasons.

In season one he created a viral sensation involving a pig rescuing a goat, season two included the historic “Dumb Starbucks” episode and season three saw Fielder create a popular clothing line and an exercise craze, while also becoming another person which involved learning to walk tightrope.

With season four confirmed, the team behind the show is probably, at this very moment, working diligently to bring us another incredible run of top quality entertainment. Thanks to the communicative powers of social media, we now have a clue as to where this season is headed and it looks like Nathan and Co.  are “reaching for the stars”.

Today on Instagram, Fielder posted:


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SpaceX is of course the private aerospace company from genius billionaire, Elon Musk. Does this mean Fielder is headed to outer space? The pair had previously interacted through a series of tweets earlier this year with Musk showing his fandom for the show:

The last tweet could be related to a cryptic Instagram post from New Year’s Day. Pay close attention to the book on the table. Could Fielder be on a mission to leave Earth for good?

Super stoked for 2016!

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With such a brilliant mind for business, there’s no way Fielder would let this opportunity go to waste so expect some big things this coming season on Much!