New Demi Lovato, Classified, Carly Rae Jepsen And More Videos You Need To See Today

Demi Waitin For You Main

To say this week has been one for the music video books would be an understatement.

Drake practically broke the internet with his dance moves after the release of Hotline Bling.

Justin Bieber and One Direction’s rivalry continued to heat up ahead of the November 13 album drop thanks to Perfect and Sorry.

And of course, we can’t forget the return of The Voice aka Adele’s new single and video for Hello. Hello Friday. Hello all the feels. Hello tears on our keyboards.

The big hitters weren’t the only artists to drop some seriously impressive music videos this week. Check out new videos from Demi Lovato, Classified, Carly Rae Jepsen and more!

Waitin for You, Demi Lovato feat. Sirah

Hot on the heels of her mini-movie music video for Confident, Demi Lovato has now released the bare bones, black and white Waitin For You. A song she wrote in response to dealing with mean girls, Lovato and featured rapper Sirah are ready for a fight, daring anyone who doubts their sincerity. I think I’ll just spend the next recess inside the classroom.

Filthy, Classified feat. DJ Premier

Classified is back with his fifth studio album Greatful due out January 15 and his lead single Filthy. Paying homage to Much’s Rap City, the East Coast rapper gives a lesson in the evolution of sound in hip hop. In Filthy, Classified raps that he doesn’t ‘need a feature on a blog’. But what if we really like the song?!

Run Away With Me, Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen is literally asking viewers to run away with her in the new interactive version of her music video. Given options with Emojis, viewers can play ‘choose your own adventure’ with Carly Rae and decide where she’ll head next on her travels around the world.

Hollow, Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly proves she is a master of all genres with her new release Hollow, a ballad that acts as a departure from the pop and R&B blend fans are used to hearing from Kelly. Throwing some EDM and rock into the mix, Kelly’s strong vocals continue to take centre stage regardless of the backing beat.

Talk Me Down, Troye Sivan

If Troye Sivan’s goal with his Blue Neighborhood Trilogy was to have us in tears in front of our computers, mission accomplished. The series was completed this week with the release of Talk Me Down, giving viewers an ending that’s open to many interpretations, both pessimistic and optimistic.

Moments, Tove Lo

We’re not sure why there isn’t an award show category for acting in music videos, but it’s definitely something that Tove Lo and her performance in Moments would be in contention for if it was real. Never one to hold back, Lo sings “I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don’ts / But on good days I am charming as f**k”. The video is just as in your face as the lyrics, with Tove throwing inhibitions to the wind as she dances through grocery stores and her own church wedding ceremony, eventually ending up a victim of her own excess.

Delilah, Florence and the Machine

Florence Welch is a woman possessed in the sixth installment of the Odyssey Series. The uninhibited performances from the large cast have viewers constantly questioning whether what they’re seeing on screen is real or imagined in the mind of the dancers. What we know for sure is that we’d probably check into another motel.