New Holiday Songs You Actually Want To Hear

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For some people, there’s no such thing as too much holiday music. For the rest of us, there’s no such thing as too little.

With Christmas only a few sleeps away, we’re looking at new holiday songs that you’ll actually want to hear repeated seven times during one trip to the mall. Bah humbug be-gone!

Christmas & Chill, Ariana Grande

Last year, Ariana Grande released her track Santa Tell Me and was likely telling us that she wasn’t done with holiday music. The singer dropped a surprise holiday EP called Christmas & Chill last week and we have definitely been enjoying the second part.

White Christmas, Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings

When we found out that Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings were releasing a holiday album this year, one thought entered our mind; Santa better be ready to come down the chimney and slide right into a dance party.

Every Day’s Like Christmas, Kylie Minogue

Santa Dance Party Part 2.

Every Day Is A Holiday, Katy Perry

After starting off as a Christian pop artist, it made sense that Katy Perry would eventually release Christmas music. We just didn’t expect the video to involve fairies. Is that New Testament?

Under The Stars, John Legend

It’s difficult to make a holiday song that can not only tolerated, but enjoyed in months other than December. Unless you’re John Legend. Then it’s super easy (we assume).

Merry Xmas, Fetty Wap

What do you get your Trap Queen for Christmas when she has everything? A new holiday song.

O Holy Night, Ellie Goulding

It’s rude to point out when people are crying in public. Move along, nothing to see here.

Dirt Sledding, The Killers

This is the tenth year The Killers have released a Christmas tune, with Dirt Sledding acting as the final installment in the Santa Trilogy, which began in 2007. Casting actor Ryan Pardey again in the role of a down and out Santa, actor and director Matthew Gray Gubler shows Santa drinking himself to sleep and then dreaming of other children’s characters saving him. The video also includes a voice over by actor Richard Dreyfuss and a small donkey. Merry Christmas, y’all!

Last Christmas, Carly Rae Jepsen

To get in Christmas spirit this year, our Canadian kween Carly Rae Jepsen took on on George Michael and WHAM!’s classic track, Last Christmas. Continuing her retro theme from EMOTION, Jepsen gave the single even more of an 80s vibe than the original, an impressive feat for a song recorded in 1985. Synthesizers FTW.

O Holy Night, Candace Leca

Much Digital Creator Candace Leca can come to any holiday party we’re throwing as long as we can hear her sing O Holy Night and have #oholyfeels.

Home Alone Theme, August Burns Red

Maybe if the McAllisters had played this track by August Burns Red while leaving for the airport at Christmas, everyone would have woken up and we wouldn’t have gotten in this Wed Bandit mess.

The Chanukah Song, Adam Sandler

Chanukah has passed for another year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Adam Sandler’s updated version of his famous holiday tune. Welcome to The Chanukah Song, Jake Gyllenhal, Adam Levine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Harry Potter and…Olaf.