Meet New Much Creator Istiana Bestari

New Creator alert! Meet Istiana Bestari.

Our new recruit, Istiana, wears many hats as a travel YouTuber, singer/songwriter, and entrepreneur. With over 2.5 million views and 12,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Istiana strives to show her audience “how to be a traveller, not a tourist,” and how to “live like a local.” She wants to help people put themselves in different people’s shoes across the world.

“Whenever I go to a place, I try to capture the whole experience and share the culture through a more storytelling way,” Istiana said. “I try to put together an ultimate guide, a local version, of each place I go to.”

Istiana is also a musician, having studied music in school. She writes and produces her own music, which falls under the genre of pop and R&B and can be found on her YouTube channel. Aside from those, Istiana also co-founded Monday Girl, an opportunity network which hosts offline, experiential events like panels and keynotes that focus on connecting women in Toronto to better opportunities. There’s also an online community where people can submit questions, job opportunities, and give advice.

When we caught up with Istiana, she told us all about her goal of giving back, her excitement to be a part of the Much community, as well as her past life as a cheerleader. Read on to see what she has to say.

What’s something you want the viewers to know about you?

The one thing I want people to know about me and why I do everything that I do is to inspire and provide value for other young women by sharing my skills and my experiences. Just keeping it all for myself,there’s no point in that. So I hope to inspire other women to live their best lives, to learn new skills, and explore.

Fun fact: I was actually a world champion cheerleader for two years. I was on the best cheerleading team in Canada, the Cheer Sport Great White Sharks, and it was a big part of my life before.

What are you most look forward to now that you’ve joined the Much Creator community?

I’m very excited to be a part of a Creator community. With YouTube, I’ve very much been independent and on my own on this journey so this is my first time being apart of a bigger family. It will be interesting and I expect, inspiring, to meet and work with other creators potentially.

I’m also very excited about event opportunities and being more involved in the community. I recently went to Sault Ste. Marie with Buffer Festival and Road to Freedom (an initiative that helps Indigenous kids learn how to make videos). We spent a weekend up there teaching kids how to make a YouTube channel and make videos and it was a completely transformative experience—it was so much fun and that was one of my first opportunities with Much.

Do you have any upcoming projects the readers should get excited for?

Monday Girl has an event Monday July 15. It’s called Women in Media and we’re hosting 100 Monday girls and we have eight speakers, including Sangita Patel from ET Canada. I also have a ton of exciting videos coming out soon, including a big Korea campaign video. I have a bunch of songs coming out with mini music videos. And more Monday Girl madness, so stay tuned!


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Everyone: Stop filming, let’s just enjoy the moment and make memories Everyone: omg love the vlog!!!!! . Apparently every time you think back to a memory, your brain doesn’t actually remember the memory very accurately. It’s a slightly different reconstruction of a memory every time you remember it. This slightly horrifying fact makes me extra grateful I have captured the last few years of my life on camera. To be able to relive it all PLUS share these amazing experiences with others is worth the inconvenience of vlogging every single time. Anyway, this is me smiling in a little town called Lunenberg at golden hour after eating lobster. It’s arguably the dreamiest quaint little town in Canada (the ⛵️on our dimes is from here too!) and you have to experience it too! Watch now in the link of my bio ⚓️ | 📷: @alexfosterroman

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