Pop Biopics We Want Made After Watching ‘Britney Ever After’

Britney Ever After aired this past weekend and… let’s just say, there were a variety of opinions about the biopic.

In case you missed this gem of a film or you need a quick refresher, James Corden did a brilliant recap of the movie which you can check out below.

This hot mess of a film got us thinking about other great pop stars from the 2000’s who deserve their own biopics (mostly so we can watch more hilarious recaps from Corden). Since two musical icons of the decade Aaliyah and Britney Spears have already received the biopic treatment, we picked five other pop sensations whose stories deserve a starring role.

Destiny’s Child

Between the lineup changes, the behind-the-scenes antics and the eventual breakup, this would be a drama-filled film. The group rose to the top of the pop-R&B game and produced hit after hit for nearly ten years—creating enough content for a one, two or three-part biopic. Plus, Beyoncé.

Christina Aguilera

If Britney gets her own film, straight up—Xtina needs one too. The two have competed for the Queen of Pop title from their days in the Micky Mouse Club right through to the 90s. Rumours about Aguilera’s diva ‘tude have followed the star for years, so we think this biopic could really dig into her alleged ‘difficult’ tendencies.

Avril Lavigne

We needed at least one Canadian pop star for our list and our favourite “sk8ter girl” definitely deserves some airtime. From small town discovery (Napanee, represent) to worldwide fame, Avril branded herself as the tomboy pop princess who didn’t need to take her clothes off  to sell records. You can start casting Chad Kroeger now.

Pussycat Dolls

PCD started as a burlesque troupe put together by choreographer Robin Antin. The group later went on to musical stardom but made only two records before the internal drama over leader Nicole Scherzinger’s alleged special treatment broke them up for good.  Girl drama, massive dance numbers and any excuse to revisit “Don’t Cha” sounds like reason enough to us.

Janet Jackson

A Janet biopic would document her rise to pop stardom in the 1990’sall the way to her fall from the top after the backlash of her now infamous Super Bowl performance (#neverforget). Miss Jackson’s music career has had so many ups and downs, and most people have lived through at least one of her chart-topping phases—so let’s get those cameras rolling.