6 New Songs That Dropped On 4/20


Apprently, April 20 is a big deal to some people—for whatever reason. And to honour that day, many artists dropped new songs and music videos yesterday. Of course you know the big one, Rihanna dropped the video for her third single “Needed Me”. But there were also a bunch of other artists who released new music for 4/20. Here’s a look at some of the best tracks you may not have realized came out yesterday. Trust us…they’re pretty lit.

You by Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa and Liam Payne

There were rumours this track leaked. And then Liam of One Direction wrote a series of tweets calling it a “one-take scratch demo” and then reassuring fans that this wasn’t his single, but simply “something he gets up to on a weekend“. Regardless, the song or demo (whichever it is) is actually pretty lit. It’s got some crazy samples intertwined within the instrumental and Liam’s vocals work well with Juicy J and Wiz.

Change by Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y


As you can probably assume, the majority of these songs will feature Wiz Khalifa. He and Curren$y have a history of teaming up for some of the hottest stoner-rap tracks, and this is another one to add to the resume. A Wiz feature or collaboration is always nice, but something special happens when he works with Spitta. The two friends bring out the best in each other and create songs that are super easy to vibe out to. Click through the image to give the song a listen.

Wake Up by Fetty Wap


“Getting Wiz Khalifa high,” echoes throughout this track. So yeah, even when Wiz isn’t on the track, he’s on the track. Really though, this might have been the best song released yesterday. It’s extra chill (obviously) and is borderline inspirational in a really weird way. We could picture it being used to start a movie about a friendly stoner, as they wake up and get ready for the day. Oh, we’ll be expecting our cheque in the mail from whoever uses that brilliant idea.

Two Blunts (420) by The Game ft. Wiz Khalifa and Lorine Chia

Yup, there he is. Wiz is back on the track. He’s officially taken over the title of That Guy You Need On Your Songs About Weed from Snoop Dogg. This is similar to the song Wiz did with Curren$y, but it further shows how much a real friendship can change the vibe of the song. We’re not saying The Game and Wiz aren’t friends, but they don’t have the chemistry that was so on display in “Change”. Still a pretty lit track though.

FLEM (video) by A$AP Ferg

The production by Kirk Knight on this is way too nice. The track was actually released for the A$AP Mob tradition Wavy Wednesday. But that happened to coincide with 4/20, so it looks like Ferg put a little extra work into the weekly drop. It doesn’t appear this song will be featured on Ferg’s upcoming album Always Strive and Prosper, but it’s a great tease into just what the A$AP Mob might have up their sleeve in the future.

Headaches + Migraines by Mac Miller ft. Dave East

And we conclude this look at some of yesterday’s best music releases with another notorious stoner rapper from Pittsburgh, Mac Miller. This one features Nas’ label Mass Appeal member Dave East and gives you exactly what you might expect from a 4/20-inspired track. A mellow instrumental, some relaxed rhymes and a Cheech and Chong reference. Classic.