Niall Horan Releases ‘Finally Free’ For ‘Smallfoot’ Soundtrack

Symptoms of Niall Horan songs include: former boy band fever, toe-tapping, chronic butterflies, and tugged heart strings. The Flicker singer is back to induce all the feels with a new track titled “Finally Free,” which will appear in the animated adventure film, Smallfoot.

“Finally Free” is an undeniably uplifting song with a poppy folk tune and liberating lyrics. “When you’re right here beside, there’s nothing else I need / Your eyes keep me reminded that nothing’s out of reach,” Horan sings in his raspy buttered voice. The chorus finally chimes, “When you’re with me it feels like I’m finally free.”

Niall took to Twitter to share a movie teaser and his contribution to the soundtrack. “From the minute I seen a small clip from it, I was in straight away.. it’s a must see,” he added.

The upbeat and heartfelt track is on par with his debut solo album, but is much more PG than previous single, “Slow Hands.” Niall reminds us that he knows how to switch it up, just like his recent acoustic take of “Seeing Blind.” The Irish crooner surprisingly paired with country singer Marren Morris for a collaboration that had unexpected chemistry.

But “Finally Free”‘s warm and fuzzy vibes make it perfect for Smallfoot, which subverts the tale of the yeti. Big foot encounters something he never really knew existed—a human. But more importantly, the young yeti discovers what friendship and courage truly mean. The all-star cast features the voices of Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Lebron James, and Gina Rodriguez.

Smallfoot is set to debut in theatres September 28. Until then, watch out for Horan as he continues on his international Flicker tour, which has a Canadian stop in Toronto on September 5.