Niall Horan Debuts Sexy New Single ‘Slow Hands’

We may never get over the hiatus/break up of One Direction, but if there’s a sliver lining with everything, we would definitely say that in this case, it’s more music from the former boy banders.

Earlier this week, Harry Styles released the third track from his upcoming self titled debut with the folk-inspired ballad “Sweet Creature.” Now after much teasing on social media, Niall Horan has finally released the highly anticipated follow-up to his 2016 single “This Town” with his new track “Slow Hands.”

FYI, it was worth the wait.

Horan’s role in One Direction was often pigeonholed as the younger, more innocent member of the group, but since the band’s break, the Irish singer has done some serious growing up. In “Slow Hands,” Horan shows off a more mature and sexy side—something we’ve yet to hear from the now solo artist.

Combining a bluesy, thumping beat with Horan’s surprisingly raspy voice, the former One Direction member takes both musical and lyrical risks on the track, with both paying off. In “Slow Hands,” Niall sings, “We should take this back to my place / That’s what she said right to my face / ’cause I want you bad, yeah I want you baby / I’ve been thinking ’bout it all day.” Like we said, Niall got grown.

In a recent radio interview, Horan talked about “Slow Hands,” saying, “The whole song was pretty off-the-cuff. I wanted it to be a little bit cheeky with the lyric. We wrote this concept about being in the bar. The first line of the song is ‘We should take this back to my place’ — usually that’s what the guy would say, but we flipped it that the girl would say that, and that’s what she said right to my face. With the song, before we even wrote lyrics, we had this big track and it sounded quite sexy. So we thought that this concept would match the vibe of the song, and I think we might have been right.”

Niall’s lead solo single “This Town” could have easily passed for a One Direction B-side, with the singer delivering a beautiful ballad that appeased many Directioners still reeling from the split. But with “Slow Hands,” Horan shows that there’s life after 1D, with a new and exciting sound that fans have yet to hear from the pop singer. Get ready for Niall 2.0.