Niall Horan Wanders The Streets Heartbroken In ‘Too Much To Ask’ Video

It’s been a slow burn leading up to Niall Horan’s debut album, but the former One Direction member is finally in the home stretch of dropping his first solo effort.

Horan announced this month that his debut album Flicker will drop on October 20, releasing the album cover on his Instagram page. The news follows the release of Horan’s first single “This Town” in 2016, which was followed by “Slow Hands” this past spring.

To celebrate the title, album art and release date of Flicker, Horan also dropped his third single this month with the somber “Too Much To Ask.” Continuing to provide beautiful heartbreak ballads, Horan calls his latest track “one of his favorites on his new album,” saying that he’s been waiting ages for fans to finally get to listen to his third single.

Similar in tone to his lead single “This Town,” Horan’s “Too Much To Ask” is another tune for those suffering from unrequited love. Armed with his acoustic guitar and broken heart, Horan sings “My heart is hoping / You’ll walk right in tonight / Tell me there are things that you regret / ‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet.” Love can really suck, but it sure does inspire pretty songs.

Now Horan has dropped a new video for “Too Much To Ask” and it’s packing an emotional punch of a performance from the Irish singer. Relaying the feeling of heartbreak seeping into every waking moment, Horan sits alone in his bedroom, plays with his band in the recording studio, drinks a pint with his mates at the bar, and walks the streets at night, all while pining for his old love. Looking every bit the part of a leading man, Horan shows off his acting abilities in the new video which will almost certainly increase sales for wool caps.

Niall Horan is currently on the road for his Flicker Sessions Tour, which includes one Canadian date in Toronto on November 1.