Niall Horan Gets Jealous In ‘On The Loose’ Video

When Niall Horan released his highly anticipated solo debut Flicker last year, the former One Direction member opened with the catchy “On The Loose.” Now four singles later, Horan has finally released the opening track and dropped a slick new music video.

“On The Loose” starts with Niall looking longingly into the desert while a beautiful brunette in a white silk slip and denim jacket dances in the sand in the distance. The pair then make their way into the city, where the woman dances at a party and Horan looks on, although never appearing together. With “On The Loose” playing over top, our best guess is that Horan is dealing with his feelings of jealously, singing “She loves when everybody’s watching / She knows the way her body moves.”

For most of the video it looks as though the two are no longer a couple, a status that seems to be confirmed with the line “I know what it’s like, I fell for it twice / And now I’m just warning you.” Alas, in the video’s final scene it appears that Horan has once again ‘crawled back’ when he appears in the same car as the woman.

Working with director Jake Jelicich, Horan helped develop the concept for the video, which mainly looks like a sultry Levi’s ad. It doesn’t have quite the depth of “Too Much To Ask” or the personality of “Slow Hands,” but if you’re just interested in four minutes of the Irish singer looking good, “On The Loose” should do the trick.

Niall Horan sets out on his Flicker World Tour starting this month in Ireland on March 10 and will play Toronto on September 5.