Nick Jonas Reveals Details Of New Album Titled Last Year Was Complicated


Nick Jonas took to Twitter last night for a huge announcement.

He revealed a ton of information about his upcoming album including song titles: Voodoo, Champagne Problems, Close, Chainsaw, Touch, Bacon (mmm, bacon), Good Girls, The Difference, Don’t Make Me Choose, Under You, Unhinged and Comfortable. Jonas announced these as tracks from his new album titled:

He also delivered the goods for fans itching for new music from the former JoBro.

Jonas got super introspective, spilling out his feelings about the creative process of the album. Following a string of tweets where he spoke about how a breakup affected the tone of the album, Jonas offered a little insight on what the first single will be about.

This is just proof that you should be staying on Twitter into the wee hours of the night, because that’s when all the good stuff happens. Jonas waited until 4 a.m. to drop the news about his single, title of each track on the album and of course, the album title itself.

He also gave a little shoutout to some of the artists who he worked with on Last Year Was Complicated. Those included were 2014 summer sensation Tove Lo, (almost) birthday boy Big Sean, The Life Of Pablo contributor Ty Dolla $ign and… Allen Iverson?

Yes, The Answer is apparently on Jonas’ new album. Iverson did release a track in the summer of 2000 under the name Jewelz, titled 40 Bars. He may or may not be talking about practice on Last Year Was Complicated.

And in case you missed it, Jonas teased what’s believed to be the first single on his Twitter and Instagram.

Last Year Was Complicated is slated for release on June 10.