Nickelback Respond To Deadpool’s Praise

Deadpool, Nickelback

When Ryan Reynolds scored music icon Celine Dion to perform an original song for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack this year, we didn’t think the comic book flick could get a bigger Canadian nod. Canadians are forced to spend half their lives pointing out other famous Canadians when travelling abroad, but Celine Dion? Everyone knows Celine Dion is Canadian and everyone loves Celine Dion.

To promote the upcoming return of Deadpool 2 to theatres as Once Upon A Deadpool, Reynolds did his best to out-Canadian himself, with the Vancouver native defending rockers Nickelback. In a new promo with Fred Savage, Reynolds gets back into character and recreates a scene from The Princess Bride, with Savage reprising his role as the grandson from the famous 1987 comedy.

The new promo features Reynolds as Wade Wilson promoting the new “PG13 version of Deadpool, filtered through the prism of childlike innocence.” Joking about Deadpool being only kind of a Marvel movie, Savage, who hasn’t aged in three decades, compares Deadpool’s affiliation with the comic book giant to The Beatles being produced by Nickelback. Understandably, Reynolds takes offence and quickly schools Savage on the undeniable fact that Nickelback not only rocks, but rolls.

The 10-time iHeartRadio MMVAs winners have now responded to Savage and Reynold’s sing-a-long, posting their own Deadpool-inspired lyrics to “How You Remind Me.” Seventeen years later and it’s still a jam.

Once Upon A Deadpool will have a limited run in theatres from December 12 to 24 and feature a cleaner version of Deadpool 2, changing the film from an R to PG-13 rating and adding 20 extra minutes of footage. No word on whether the re-cut film will include more Nickelback, but the band did write a song for 2002’s Spider-Man, so here’s hoping.