Nickelback Remember How They Lured Flo Rida Into Their Dungeon Studio


You may not initially think that the guys from Nickelback are rap fans but it turns out, you would be wrong. They even have a song with Flo Rida on their new album, No Fixed Address. When the guys came through Much recently, we had to find out how that collaboration came to be. Turns out Flo Rida was really into the idea.

“A friend of mine was working on the tune with us and he was also working on Flo Rida’s album and he happened to play that song in one of the writing sessions and then he said that he was a big fan of ours,” Chad Kroeger said. “Two days later Flo Rida is sitting in the basement of one of these house that we had rented in this dungeon where we had built this vocal booth and he’s in there just crushing it.”

The title of their latest album, No Fixed Address was inspired by their nomadic rock n’ roll lifestyle. The music was recorded in a bunch of different locations like Los Angeles and Hawaii. Although Hawaii was their favourite place to record, there was one memorable house in Los Angeles that stands out.

“When you come in you’ve got like a wrought iron door that had curtains and you could kind of pull the curtain back and you see a chair facing a wall and you would just see a body with a towel over it’s head facing the wall,” guitarist Ryan Peake remembered. “You’re like, ‘Bad things have happened here.'”

“I had to live in the house for like a month when you guys would go home and I would stay there,” Chad reminded the group.

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Check out the full clip below.

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