Nicki Minaj Just Gave 30 Fans Some Huge Gifts

If you’re looking for a little help with student loans, we suggest keeping an eye on Twitter. Just last month, Chrissy Teigen responded to a fan who had set up a crowd funding account to help raise the $6,000 she needed for esthetician school. Teigen responded, paying off the $5,600 that was still remaining.

Now another celebrity is showing off her philanthropic side and making skool cool. Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful artists of the past decade and this past weekend, she used some of her hard earned money to help a handful of her millions of fans to achieve their own dreams.

Minaj posted on her Twitter account around midnight on May 7 that she was willing to help her followers who needed money to either attend, finish, or pay off their college tuition.

The offer was met with a huge response, with Nicki especially looking for people who were dealing with financial issues as the biggest barrier to completing their education. Minaj responded to many of the requests, either asking for details about her follower’s situation or requesting they DM her their bank account information.

Some followers were only looking for smaller amounts, like a young fan looking for $500 who is being raised by a single mothers in Queens, New York, where Minaj grew up.

Other fans were looking for help for larger sums, with Minaj agreeing to pay a portion of the student debt one follower showed proof of carrying.

Understandably, Minaj asked fans to share proof of their school-related costs, with many more than happy to comply. Many followers also posted their transcripts as proof they were serious about their education.

Minaj’s charitable Twitter movement may even land her a new music video director in the future, with one fan looking for help buying a camera for their production course.

In total, Nicki helped almost 30 people continue their education. If you missed out on Minaj’s day of giveaways, don’t worry. The rapper is likely going to have a meeting with her accountant and then go on a tuition-spree again in two months.

Nicki, you the bestest.