Watch Nikki Glaser Tackle The College Campus Rape Epidemic On ‘Not Safe’


Not Safe with Nikki Glaser took a break from hilarious sex talk to bring attention to a more serious problem plaguing American colleges—on-campus sexual assault.

Opening the segment with some shocking facts (54 per cent of male college athletes have admitted using sexual coercion, one in three college sexual assaults are committed by athletes, rape rises as much as 41 per cent on game days at big football schools), Glaser sat down with Brenda Tracy, a survivor of a gang rape by four college athletes in 1998. After reporting the crime to the police and college, Tracy ultimately didn’t end up pressing charges. Glaser sat down with her to find out why she chose to remain silent and uncovered the ugly truth of colleges trying to silence victims of sexual assault.

At the time of the crime, people left and right were doing everything in their power to discredit Tracy’s claims. Her best friend, who witnessed the crime, said she would lie to protect her boyfriend, who was one of Tracy’s assailants. The college tried to bury the incident in fear that donors would not want to financially support the school after a “scandal.”

“You can rationalize a rapist―that’s what they do. They rape, they commit crimes, they hurt people,” Tracy said. “But how do you rationalize good people turning their back on you? How do you rationalize a system that’s built to protect you and doesn’t?”

But now that Tracy’s has come forward again with her story 16 years later, she’s received so much more positive support.

“There’s millions of Brenda Tracys and I’m going to do my part to try to empower them too to use their voice to to change this, because I think change is possible.”