No One Can Beat Robyn’s Shoe Game


Tue, August, 19 by

Swedish pop star Robyn is probably one of the most unique and stylish artists out there right now. She’s always sporting a chic short ‘do, bold patterns, bright colours and her shoes, oh my god, her shoes. HAVE YOU SEEN HER SHOES?

Robyn teamed up with Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp and performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and even though they absolutely slayed their performance of Do It Again, I couldn’t stop starring at Robyn’s newest pair of shoes. Check out the performance below:

Now Robyn’s been a purveyor of platforms for quite some time now, but those sweet shoes are on a whole new level of awesome. Yes, your initial thoughts are probably, “What the eff is she wearing?!” but as soon as you see her dance in those shoes, you are running out the door by the end of the clip, ready to find a pair for yourself. Robyn’s a fantastic pop star, but she’s also a great shoe salesperson.

Let’s examine some of her other shoe statements:

There are her pink platforms from the Call Your Girlfriend music video. Classic.

These stunning shiny blue boots. Perfect for those rainy days.

The ultimate white Mod boots.

The same pair of white boots…WITH FLOWERS.


And of course, platform Timberland boots. You never knew you needed a pair until you saw Robyn wear them. Yep.

Now, imagine rockin’ those platforms AND pulling off these dance moves.

Admit it, Robyn hypnotizes you…into buying a million pairs of shoes.