Noah Cyrus And Labrinth Battle Heartbreak In Video For ‘Make Me (Cry)’


It seems that every few years we get a new member of the Cyrus family adding their name to the top of the charts. First, it was dad Billy Ray, then a few years later it was Miley’s turn, and now, it looks like little sister Noah Cyrus is the latest member of her family to add to the growing Cyrus discography.

Teaming up with UK singer Labrinth, Cyrus dropped her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” last week and stunned with her impressive vocals and lyrics. Inheriting big sister Miley’s deep and rich range, Noah sounds much older than her 16 years on the new track.

Now, the emotional duet is getting the music video treatment, thanks to legendary director Sophie Mueller. In the simple yet moving music video, Cyrus and Labrinth find themselves sharing a wall, as well as similar heartbreak, both dealing with unrequited love. Either that, or they’re both dating people who don’t like to be bothered while they’re sleeping.

The two singers brood and emote their way around their respective apartments, mirroring one another as they perform their new ballad. Cyrus and Labrinth are worthy opponents both on screen and in the recording studio, with the two artists finding a beautiful arrangement that enables their voices to compliment and build upon each other’s.

The single is part of Cyrus’ upcoming debut solo, though there’s no word yet on an album name or release date. All we know is that if the new album is full of more songs like “Make Me (Cry)”, we think there’s going to be another Cyrus working her way up the charts.