All The Levels That Make Now You See Me 2 Worth Seeing

Fri, June, 10 by Emma Lewis


“The best tricks work on many levels.” Apparently, so does Now You See Me 2. While the first movie blew us away with its clever mind games, part two ups the ante with some mind-blowing tricks that can’t possibly be real—but the fun is believing, right? We broke down all the sequel’s levels to why it’s worth seeing.

The CGI Will Blow Your Mind

Director Jon M. Chu insists that it’s not all CGI. They intended for most of the magic to appear realistic and practical, but it ended up looking unrealistic and impractical. Just because a huge portion of the movie’s CGI, doesn’t mean the magic isn’t impressive. The modernity of the tricks almost makes you believe what you’re seeing.


The Movie Keeps You Guessing

As the first movie twisted and turned, we expected nothing less from the sequel. The whole film was essentially a giant knot made up of more knots. When you thought you knew what was happening, you would realize you didn’t know anything at all. Call us crazy, but feeling dumbfounded from mind tricks played on you by a Hollywood movie is satisfying.


Daniel Radcliffe Strays From His Love of Magic

We never thought we’d see the day Daniel Radcliffe preferred science to magic, but in Now You See Me 2, Radcliffe’s character, Walter Mabry, outright states that science is more magical than anything. Mabry is a young, foolish, but highly intelligent evil scientist who’s constantly seeking Daddy’s approval—a drastic change from Radcliffe’s role as magic prodigy Potter, but we love the 180.

giphy (1)

More Laughs

While the first movie was witty and gave us the giggles, the sequel’s addition of new (and generally imbecilic) characters provides comedic relief around every corner, even when it’s not needed.

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Lizzy Caplan Brings The Realness

In an effort to replace Isla Fisher as the “Girl Horseman,” they cast Lizzy Caplan (you may know her as Mean Girls‘ Janis Ian) to bring a new, relatable and witty character. She provides many of the laughs throughout the movie and speaks for Dave Franco fans everywhere when she awkwardly attempts at flirting with his character, Jack.

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And while this movie seems fluffed up and overdone (and it is), we highly recommend seeing it if you were a fan of the first. It brings the magic, the laughs, the twists and the turns, and better than anything, keeps us on our toes.

You can catch Now You See Me 2  in theatres today. Check out the magic-infused trailer below.