NSYNC And Backstreet Boys Have A May Meme-Off

Meme Battle

The month of May has finally arrived and that means your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed have been bombared with one of the greatest gifts the Internet has ever given us—the May Meme. In the past, Justin Timberlake has stayed quiet about the meme.

Gif 1

But now, the pop singer has finally embraced the month he has become the unofficial spokesman for.

The list of “It’s gonna be May” memes have been providing entertainment for many years, as well as a helpful reminder to flip your calendar.

Gif 2

New GIFs of Timberlake are regularly updated to reflect his meme-status.

Gif 3

Of course, we can’t forget the killer track that started it all.

Gif 4

The May Meme has infiltrated just about every pop culture reference.

Gif 5

Really, all of them.

Gif 6

Not ready to let the greatest feuds of the ’90s die, Backstreet Boys have decided to battle Timberlake and more specifically, NSYCN’s meme-dom and posted this on their official Twitter account yesterday. Get our your butterfly clips and neon leggings, it’s time to pick sides again.