NSYNC Get A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame And Talk Hook Ups On The Ellen Show

NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass

After 70 million albums sold, five world tours, and the title of the fifth biggest boy band of all time, NSYNC finally got their spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, just in time for a special day.

All five members, including Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick were on hand to accept the star and make personal speeches about their time together as NSYNC, making us wish it was 2000 all over again. While all five members spoke about how thankful they were to be a part of NSYNC, it was Bass’ emotional and heartfelt comments about his fear over coming out while in the band and jeopardizing the careers of the other members and all those who helped make NSYNC happen that stole the show.

“Growing up in Mississippi, in a Southern Baptist church, in a town where everyone knows your business, I had a secret – I was gay,” said Bass. “At the time, I thought I’d never be able to tell anyone … I thought if I were to come out, NSYNC would be over … So many nights onstage, I’d see young gay fans singing their hearts out, and I wanted so badly to let you [know that] I was you. I just didn’t have the strength then.”

Timberlake closed out the speeches, calling the day ‘surreal’ and echoing his fellow band members by thanking the group’s devoted fan base. Timberlake also thanked the band’s parents, who helped the fivesome be a part of NSYNC, including Justin’s own mother who toured with the band while he was still a minor.

Carson Daly, who interviewed the band several times on MTV’s TRL over the course of their career, inducted the band onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame and used his time as a chance to tease the band.

The group was also inducted by Ellen DeGeneres, who took the opportunity to roast the band, while also celebrating them.

Ellen was initially scheduled for just Timberlake to appear on her show on Tuesday to discuss the ceremony, but the singer quickly surprised the audience by bringing the rest of the members of NSYNC on stage with him. Like Oprah giving away free cars, the audience reacted appropriately to one of the biggest boy bands of all time making a surprise appearance.

Ellen opened the show by discussing the band’s old outfits and their last performance together, which was five years ago at the MTV VMAs to honour Timberlake’s career. The fivesome, who revealed they keep up a group chat with one another, talked about what it means to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and how far they’ve come since their first trip to Hollywood when they were in town to shoot a music video that would only air in Germany.

The group also played a round of Never Have I Ever, which of course centred on hook up questions. Bless you, Ellen. We learned who hooked up with someone twice their age, who was with a Spice Girl, which members hooked up with the same person, and who has hooked up with a fan.

Awww NSYNC. Still hold up.