Today Is Wednesday, October 3 So Naturally ‘Mean Girls’ Fans Are Feeling Fetch

If you checked your calendar, then you know what today is.

It’s the unofficial National Mean Girls Day. Schools and offices should be closed, or at the very least, we should get free candy cane grams.

It’s also Wednesday, and every Mean Girls fan knows what hue they should be sporting on this holiest of days.

Fans only get to celebrate the ultimate Mean Girls hump day every seven years and thankfully they did not disappoint on social media. Side note, can you imagine if Regina George had Twitter? Savage.


There are the political responses to Mean Girls day, which are brilliant.


There are Mean Girls costumes, which are on point.


There’s Mean Girls makeup tutorials, which are really on point.


There are men who love Mean Girls.


Women who love Mean Girls.


Babies who love Mean Girls.


There are groups of friends who sit together and who love Mean Girls.


And of course, the Mean Girls star who also loves Mean Girls. Looking fetch, Aaron Samuels.


So grab some cheese fries, turn up the cool jams, have a trust fall and be a nice person on Mean Girls day or else.