OK Go Release Another Mind-Bending Video With ‘The One Moment’


Ever since they literally ran into our lives with their inventive treadmill routine for 2007’s Grammy winning “Here It Goes Again,” OK Go have been consistently releasing mind-bending creative videos that require at least three viewings upon release.

As the pop rock band have grown in popularity, so has the scope of their music videos, but thankfully, bigger budgets have never meant leaving creativity in the dust. If anything, it’s pushed the Chicago natives to challenge themselves even more, shooting in race cars, planes and with drones.

Now OK Go are back with a new video for “The One Moment,” the latest single from their 2014 album The Hungry Ghosts. Shot in just 4.2 seconds, the video uses exploding paint cans and precise timing to bring the song to life.

“It’s about those incredible moments in life when you feel most alive,” says OK Go’s lead singer Damian Kulash, who also directs the band’s latest video. “The moment you fall in love and the moment you make a big decision. We wanted to shoot a whole video in just one moment.”

The video was shot in just one take, but took weeks of planning and rehearsing to ensure the timing was perfect, with some shots lasting less than two tenths of a second.

“We’ve made a lot of videos that are really elaborate and we’ve gotten down to the wire on most of them,” says Kulash. “There’s always this incredible catharsis on when we get the shot. That I love, but I know there is something different this time. We still want that sense of joy and sense of surprise, but there’s also an intimacy to this and hopefully a beauty. We really want this thing to be personal like the song itself. I hope when people see it they really feel that.”

The band also released a behind the scenes look at the intricacies that went into making “The One Moment,” including run-throughs that unfortunately involved a kick or two to the face. Anything for art!