One Direction Are Going On A Break And This Is How Fans Are Handling The News

One Direction Break Main

News broke yesterday that One Direction plan to go on a year-long maternity leave break starting in March.

After banding together during their teen years in 2010, it’s no surprise that the young musicians are looking to explore other ventures. Harry Styles has both music labels and Hollywood knocking on his door, with ample opportunity for a solo album and feature film.

Liam Payne is looking towards writing music for other artists, while soon-to-be new dad Louis Tomlinson partnered with Sony Music earlier this year to work with emerging artists.

As for Niall Horan, he’s a 21 year-old millionaire, so we suggest taking a year to chillax.

All of these opportunities sound exciting, as long as everyone is clear the band is on a break.

On A Break

Of course, many Directioners hear plans for “a break” and worry the word “up” is close by. Every fan of One Direction is handling the news a little bit differently. Here are a few of the ways Directioners are coping.

This Styles stan.

This fan who has the receipts to show that 1D are plagued by rumours.

This fan who has a way to quench the thirst.

This fan who decides to GTFO of a world with no 1D.

This fan who is dedicated to ensuring zero breaks on their watch.

Coping through humour is this fan’s preferred mourning practice.

This fan is looking on the bright side of a break.

This fan who needs a moment…or two.

This fan who wants some answers, like, NOW.

This fan who has already reached the ‘Acceptance’ part of the grieving process.

This fan who believes that March should be removed from the calendar.

And finally, this fan who believes that together we can make it through anything.