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One Direction Fly Away Contest: A Winner’s Amazing London Experience


For the past five years, the boys of One Direction have toured the world, dropped album after album and made the entire Internet fall in love with them. Their latest release, Made In The A.M., is their last for now, as they plan to go on hiatus for at least two years.

But before they say their temporary goodbye, Much and Apple Music sent one winner and her guest to One Direction: The London Session to have a U.K. experience of a lifetime! The lucky winner, Sydney and her friend Sam, both Toronto natives, were flown to London to attend an exclusive, intimate One Direction show. Not only did they get up close and personal with the band, but they even got to meet to boys!

In addition to the amazing opportunity to meet the members of One Direction, Sydney and Sam had a great time exploring the city as neither of them had been to London. After arriving from an overnight flight, they dropped their bags at the hotel, and set out for a day of exploring. Here’s what she had to say about the experience.

We got to see King’s Cross Station, Platform 9 & 3/4, took the London Underground (The Tube), and went to visit Notting Hill. We had fish and chips at a real British pub, and they were TOP NOTCH. Then we headed back to the hotel, checked in, and got ready to head down to the Friday night Welcome Party! It was held in a party room in the hotel and was a dream. They had place for photos, pictures of the boys, a big 1D snow globe, a spot to get your nails done, snacks and drinks, and of course a DJ playing all Made In The A.M. It was so cool to meet all the other winners from all over the world! I had been in touch with a lot of them prior to coming to London, so it was really cool meeting everyone face to face. We danced, laughed and talked about all things 1D.


On the day of their show, Sydney and Sam could barely contain their excitement.They boarded a bus with other fans from around the world and were taken to a secret location for the show, which they later found out was the set of the Story Of My Life video!

Waiting to be let through the curtain was torture… but finally it was our turn. The first person I saw was Niall on the far end, and I think I kind of went into shock. You imagine meeting these people over and over again but nothing can prepare you for what it’s like seeing them face to face. The closest one to us when we came around the corner was Harry, and he was the first to greet us. We hugged and introduced ourselves to Harry, then Liam, then Louis, then Niall. I wish that I could give every single detail of everything that they said, but I think I blacked out a bit from shock and starstruck-ness at this point. But I can tell you this—they are EVEN NICER AND CUTER IN REAL LIFE THAN YOU COULD’VE EVER THOUGHT. They asked us where in Canada we were from, how long we were here for and how we liked London. We told them we were from near Toronto, and Liam yelled “TORONTO!” exactly like how he yells each city’s name at concerts. We told them how much we loved the new album, and which songs were our favourite (I’m obsessed with What A Feeling). They took the picture, and before we knew it, we were being ushered out for the next turn. They had people interview us as soon as we walked out, and Sam gave a detailed description of what had just happened, but I just kind of stood there in shock. I think the only words I said were “I can’t”. BECAUSE I COULDN’T! And I still can’t register that it happened.


After the meet and greet, it was time for the band to perform.

AND THEN THEY CAME OUT TO SING! They started with Drag Me Down, then Infinity, Perfect, End of The Day and lastly, History. They were SO CLOSE while they were performing. It felt like they were singing directly to you. They would lean over the edge of the stage with their mic stands and be directly over you. And all the boys rotated, so we got to see everyone up close. I’ve never experienced anything like it. They sounded so amazing on all the songs, but the stand-out performance for me was Infinity. It was definitely a favourite on the album before seeing it live, but honestly, the album version doesn’t even do it justice. It was a totally different experience live, and I’ll never forget it. Everything about it was unbelievable.


Come Sunday, the last day of their trip, Sydney was feeling a bit of post-1D sadness, but still felt incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to fly to London and meet the band.

The whole flight home I couldn’t stop thinking about everything. How lucky we were that out of all the fans in the entire world, Sam and I got to be there. There were only maybe, 150 people who got to experience this with us? It was insane. It was so cool meeting all the people from other countries, and I know I’ll stay in touch with them (I have plans to take a couple of them to a hockey game if they ever make it down to Toronto!). And of course, meeting the boys. They say you should never meet your heroes because you’re almost always disappointed. I am SO happy to say this was not the case for me. They are exactly as amazing and sweet and cute and funny as I imagined. I can’t thank Much and Sony enough for this chance. I’ll be telling people about this for the rest of my life, and I’ll never EVER forget that I had this experience.

If you want to have an amazing experience of your own, have the chance to fly to London and meet your idols like Sydney, be sure to keep up with all our latest contests by following us on Facebook and Twitter!