One Direction Play A Stressful Game Of Tattoo Roulette

Tattoo Roulette Main

One Direction are getting closer to their hiatus with every passing day, but since they still have a new album to promote, we get to squeeze every last promo moment out of them until March. Phew.

The band appeared on longtime friend James Corden’s show this week to talk about their hiatus and what’s been going on with the foursome over the past few months.

1D’s Niall Horan explained how Daniel Craig’s recent comment that the band member would make a great James Bond came about. Already a bad spy move, Niall. Never reveal that a super sweet comment made in public was guided.

James Bond isn’t the only character Niall could play on the big screen. Horan showed off his impressive impression skills, even getting a nod from screen legend Billy Crystal with his Brooklyn accent.

The band finished off their appearance on The Late Late Show with one of the most stressful late night segments possibly in the history of TV. While band members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have a number of both thoughtful and ridiculous tattoos, Horan and host James Corden have zero tattoos and are hoping to keep it that way. Still, the two agree to play ‘Tattoo Roulette’, a game that ends in one of the five men walking away with some new ink.

So stressful.