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This Year’s Oscar Best Picture Nominees In 140 Characters Or Less


Haven’t seen any of the movies nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars? Don’t worry, Much has your back. We’ve shortened the plots of the eight films nominated this year in 140 characters or less to get you up to speed.

Bridge Of Spies


Bridge Of Spies

It’s up to an American lawyer to defend a Soviet spy in court during the cold war. He then has to help the CIA organize an exchange of the spy to trade for a Soviet captured U.S Air Force pilot, Francis Gary Powers.

The Big Short



Four Wall Street misfits predict the housing collapse of the mid-2000s. The group manages to invest and gain a fortune while taking on the big banks for their greed.




Elis Lacey immigrates from Ireland to Brooklyn for a chance at a better life. She quickly falls in love with a local but she finds herself at a cross roads when she returns home and meets a boy.

Mad Max: Fury Road



In a post apocalyptic world, Australia is a wasteland ruled by outlaws. A woman rebels against their ruler in search for her home-land with a group consisting of a psychotic worshiper, a drifter and a group of female prisoners.

The Revenant



Frontiersman Hugh Glass is on a journey through the American Wilderness during the early 1800s. He is badly hurt by a grizzly bear, abandoned by his hunting team and has to survive on his own—all in the dead of winter.




After five-year-old Jack and his mother escape from captivity, the two must cope with the outside world.




Based on a true story, Spotlight chronicles how the Boston Globe discovered a child molestation cover-up within the Catholic Archdiocese.

The Martian



Astronaut Mark Watney is left for dead after a huge storm and is left behind on Mars. Stranded, Watney must find ways to keep himself alive and reestablish communication with NASA.

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