Our Favourite Movie Record Stores We Wish Really Existed

Happy Record Store Day to all our fellow vinyl lovers! In addition to getting out and supporting local record stores today, we’re also celebrating by taking a look at some of our favourite record stores on film. Drop the needle, let’s go!

Empire Records, Empire Records

It may be impossible to find a teenager that finished watching Empire Records and didn’t immediately run out to apply for a job at their local record shop. The Empire was a place that needed saving so that it could continue saving its employees from depression, implosion, drugs, theft, and mostly themselves. Damn the man, save the Empire, and can someone please tell us how much money was in that giant jug by the end of the night?

Championship Vinyl, High Fidelity

Rob may be terrible at relationships and bad at hiring employees with any social graces, but he knows how to keep a record store stocked with some of the rarest vinyl around. If it’s good enough for Lisa Bonnet, it’s good enough for us. Quick, top five albums of all time. Go!

San Fernando Building, 500 Days of Summer

We were warned from the very beginning of 500 Days of Summer that things weren’t going to end well between Tom and Summer, so naturally their first trip to the record store was very different from their last. Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but Tom wearing an INXS shirt that read ‘Love will tear us apart’ during the couple’s first record store visit probably didn’t help in setting the tone for the relationship.

Trax, Pretty In Pink

Andie may not have had the right clothes or the right car or a house on the right side of the tracks, but she definitely had the coolest job at Trax. Like most high schoolers, her part time job was the setting for a lot of big milestones. Her first time speaking to her crush. Her meeting place to be picked up for her big date. Her job that brought her an amazing mentor in Annie Potts. Her venue for breaking poor Duckie’s heart. And most importantly, the destination of one of the greatest dance routines of all time. Try a little tenderness, won’t you Andie?

Sonic Boom, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Unlike the rest of the list, Sonic Boom is a record store we can visit on screen and in real life (although the store’s location has changed a few times since the filming of this movie). Before Scott falls in love with Ramona Flowers and has to take on the world, he spends his days hanging out in the real Toronto record store Sonic Boom with his girlfriend Knives. It’s really cool that Scott was willing to take on The League of Seven Evil Exes to be with Ramona, but doesn’t hanging around a record store all day sound way more fun?