Our Best WayHome Lineup Predictions–Part Two!

WayHome Festival recently released yet another trippy, vague teaser video that’s filled with hints about who the performers could possibly be. The mysterious teaser takes viewers on a 360 degree interactive walk down a wooden bridge path, through a forest from the gallery that’s featured in the previous teaser.

MUCH attempted to decode these crypric symbolic hints from the teaser, and this is what we’ve come up with for round two.


Although their album, Days Are Gone, was released a few years back in 2013, we haven’t forgotten about Haim‘s album cover. The three sisters are featured sitting on three lawn chairs in a row, and in the video we can see – voila – three lawn chairs in a row. We see what you did there WayHome.


Mac DeMarco

If you’re wondering why there’s a head of lettuce in the sky with a smile, it’s totally a nod to Mac DeMarco and his album Salad Days. I mean just look at that gap-toothed smile on that floating veggie; it totally resembled Mac DeMarco’s.


Cobra Starship

Ok – this one may be more wishful thinking considering the band broke up last year. But Cobra Starship is super nostalgic and when you see a cobra and a spaceship in one place, they’re something that comes to mind.

cobrastarship wayhome


This was probably the easiest code to crack in the entire video. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead is a song by Canadian band, Stars. Put two and two together and there’s your answer. It’s literally written out for us.



While this was a tough one to decode, we realized that the clocks’ times were significant because they’re lyrics to 11:11 by Arkells! “You made a wish at 11:11 / I held your hips at 12:34” is the lyric that WayHome is symbolizing here.


A Tribe Called Red

First Nations dance music trio, A Tribe Called Red, often has traditional Aboriginal hoop dancers during their electric performances. These dances usually use three hoops, and the video also has three hoops shown. Also, take note of those colours too; the hoops look very similar. We think it’s GOT to be them.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

When the letters “UMO” flashed for a brief second on this log, I actually had to keep playing it and pausing it until I got it in the right spot—that’s how fast this popped up. One of the only bands whose initials are UMO is Unknown Mortal Orchestra.


WayHome will be taking place on July 22-24 in Oro-Medonte, Ontario.