Paramore Continue To Evolve With New Song ‘Fake Happy’

Paramore, Fake Happy, Music Video

Despite the announcement that the legendary Warped Tour will be ending, there are still some bands from the pop punk movement that are continuing to keep the genre alive and moving forward.

Paramore dropped their fifth album After Laughter in May and debuted their new-old lineup, with lead singer Hayley Williams and Taylor York joined by returning founding member Zac Farro. The trio have already released the retro-inspired singles “Hard Times” and “Told You So” and are now changing up their sound once again with their latest single, “Fake Happy.”

Going a more pop folk route, Paramore dropped a video today shot by Farro and featuring a solo Williams walking through New York City. Wearing a sequined jump suit, Williams makes her way past some of NYC’s most famous landmarks and eventually ends up in Times Square. She’s surrounded by thousands of people wearing upside down happy faces, with Williams left in tears by the end of her walk, eventually putting on her own ‘fake happy’ face.

After five albums and countless tours, we love that Paramore is still experimenting with their sound and surprising fans with their music.