Get Ready To Lol At This Parody Of Zayn Malik’s ‘Pillow Talk’

PillowTalk Parody

By now the world has come to terms with the reality that Zayn Malik’s relationship with One Direction is no longer. The band’s current hiatus status makes the break up a little bit easier to take, as well as the fact that Malik continues to release music.

His debut single Pillow Talk featured a NSFW video starring Malik and his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid in some of the steamiest scenes that have hit our screens in a long time. The video has a very serious, artistic tone to it, and with Malik’s past including a five year stint in one of the world’s biggest boy bands, Pillow Talk was just asking to be parodied.

YouTube group The Key of Awesome took on Pillow Talk and its trippy video, recreating some of the videos’ most cinematic scenes and changing the lyrics to “It’s part porn / Part True Detective intro / Just went blonde / They have more fun I’ve been told.”

We think our favourite part was heading home to watch Seinfeld, which still holds up, and Friends. Cue intro clap.

And of course, here’s the real deal for comparison.