Peaches Talks About Gender Identity, Hot Dogs And Her New Album ‘Rub’


It’s been six years since Canadian electro artist Peaches put out her album, I Feel Cream. This year, she returns with a triumphant new album called Rub and our very own Liz Trinnear caught up with her recently to discuss her past as a teacher, her thoughts on the state of gender identity and feminism in pop culture and her love of hot dogs. Of course, in honour of her new music video for Close Up, starring rock icon Kim Gordon, we decided to interview Peaches in a boxing ring, with boxing gloves on (this will prove to be a challenge halfway through the interview).

Peaches has never shied away from speaking out on topics like gender identity and feminism, having paved the way for many of today’s artists like Miley Cyrus. So how does she feel about the direction these discussions are going in?

“I think there’s a lot of incredible discussions about it and that’s where we stand,” Peaches tells us. “People are a lot more open to it, but we have to make sure that it’s not something that’s a trend, you know? Because it’s quite trendy right now — which is good for me, it’s a good time to be Peaches — but we have to make sure that it continues that way, that it’s not just, like, okay that trend is over because it’s not a trend.”

Although she has never met Cyrus before, she does appreciate one very important thing about her: the giant hot dog prop Cyrus rode over the audience during her Bangerz tour. “I’m obsessed with hot dog imagery and the fact that she flies over the audience on a hot dog makes me weep with joy,” she explains.

Watch the full interview below. Peaches’ Rub comes out September 25.