Pharrell Really Wants To Collaborate With Kaytranada

Pharrell just asked Kaytranada to make an EP with him—and we’re all for it.

While being interviewed on Pharrell’s Beats1 show OTHERtone Radio with co-host Scott Vener, the Grammy Award-winning producer proposed the two should work together to make some new music.

Pharrell suggested incorporating Kaytranada’s Haitian roots into their potential collaboration, and asked the artist to introduce him to Haitian music.

Earlier in the interview, Pharrell mentioned enjoying the Canadian DJ’s beats because they make him feel a certain “high” every time—like his mix with Anderson .Paak—something that Kaytranada says is always his goal.

“With my beats I pretty much try to make people feel good. I always think about sun and a good time outside. I’m definitely trying to make people have that feeling that you’re talking about,” the Montreal native said.

Sounds like the two are on the same track. So what was Kaytranada’s response to Pharrell’s offer? A chill but delightful: “Yeah, definitely.”

The Polaris Prize-winning producer is known for his eclectic remixes and collaborations with artists including Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar. He dabbles in many genres, much like Pharrell, so we have a feeling these two will work well together.

Kaytranada did just finish producing Compton rapper Buddy’s EP Ocean and Montana, so we’re not expecting to hear their collaboration for a while, but after Pharrell insisted that he is absolutely down to make this happen, we have faith that we’ll be seeing something soon.

Check out the rest of the interview with GoldLink, who Kaytranada also collaborated with this Sunday.