The 10 Essential GIFs From Zayn’s Sexy ‘Pillowtalk’ Video


In case this is your first interaction with the Internet today, Zayn Malik of One Direction boyband fame released his first single and video since leaving the band last year. Pillowtalk dropped last night at midnight, and it’s amazing.

Pillowtalk is the first single off Zayn’s upcoming album, Mind Of Mine, which is slated to drop March 25. The song itself is slow and sultry, and tells the story of a passionate but turbulent romance: “It’s our paradise and it’s our war zone,” Malik croons.

The video stars It Girl and ““good friend” Gigi Hadid. The trippy video is filled with clips of the couple getting hot n’ heavy, tears of blood and blooming flowers.

Here are the 10 sexiest Pillowtalk GIFs for your viewing pleasure.

Just Friends Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid get cozy 2.5 seconds after the video starts


Because Gigi in a black velvet corset is the stuff dreams are made of.


Here’s something you definitely won’t see in a One Direction video.


Sensual kaladeiscope Gigi is a definite must.


And then there’s more shots of them making out.


And then there’s even more shots of them making out but under a weird body heat lamp that makes them look like they belong in the JB What Do You Mean video.


Badass neck tattoos? Check. Naked oiled up models in masks boxing? Check.


And here we have a Zayn Animorphing into a hotter, more beautiful human.


Then there’s this busty figure of a woman trying to escape before being frozen in pink carbonite a la Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.


And of course there’s a pensive shot of Zayn in a cloud of smoke. Just in case you needed more reminders that this is definitely not a One Direction video.


Watch the full video below!