Pink Marries Channing Tatum In New Video For ‘Beautiful Trauma’

Pink, Channing Tatum, Beautiful Trauma, Music Video

On Sunday night’s American Music Awards, Pink debuted her new music video for her single “Beautiful Trauma,” playing it for the live audience and only revealing a sneak peek of a screenshot to the audience at home.

Following the big reveal, Pink performed the title track from her seventh studio album while suspended from a high wire outside the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles. We don’t know how many storeys up Pink and her group of dancers were while they performed, but we’ll round it up to terrifying.

Now Pink has released the full version of her music video for 2017’s “Beautiful Trauma” and it’s just as entertaining, but much less scary.

The video stars Pink as a 1950s house wife opposite her husband Channing Tatum, who has an outfit to match every room he loafs in.

The pair pop pills, cross dress, invite a dominatrix into the home, get drunk on martinis, and dance in ball gowns in the living room. Think Leave It To Beaver mixed in with 50 Shades of Grey and you’ll get Pink and Channing’s typical day in “Beautiful Trauma.”

Between Pink’s love of contemporary choreography and Channing’s two Magic Mike films, we sometimes forget that these two are also great classically trained dancers. If they ever decide to do Dancing With The Stars, the Mirror Ball is theirs.

The new video follows Pink’s socially and politically charged first single and video for “What About Us,” which premiered in August. The pop star has always had a talent for fun and hilarious music videos and we think “Beautiful Trauma” may be her best yet.

Prepare to meet Mrs. Ginger Rogers Hart and Mr. Fred Astaire Hart.