Pink Was Not A Fan Of The MTV VMAs

Pink VMA Main

Singer Pink wasn’t a fan of Sunday night’s MTV VMAs and took to, where else, Twitter to voice her thoughts. The always-opinionated star indicated that everyone at the VMAs appeared to be on drugs.

A post on her reportedly private Instagram account @Bethwsh (Pink deleted her public account with over 12 million followers in 2012) goes into detail about her disdain for Sunday’s show.

The comments were screen grabbed and made their way online earlier this week. At first we were skeptical that the comments were actually made by Pink, but she’s now taken to her official Twitter account to defend her Instagram post. So yeah, it’s her.

Pink tweeted that she didn’t want to start another pop music feud and had no issue with performer Demi Lovato, although she didn’t actually remember her performance. Thanks?

Pink did also clarify that she was a big fan of singer/songwriter Tori Kelly’s performance of It Should Have Been Us, which is like saying water is wet. Girlfriend slayed on Sunday night.

With 27 million followers on Twitter, we’re not sure how Pink thought she could make negative comments about one of the biggest award shows of the year and not receive push back from fans. We get that Pink wasn’t a fan of Sunday’s show and it made her feel “embarrassed and sad,” but maybe she should just be happy that Twitter wasn’t around during the 2002 VMAs when she won Best Female Video and announced “I’m too drunk for this.”

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