Play Kroll Show Bingo As You Catch Up For The Season 3 Premiere


Mon, January, 12 by


Kroll Show is back!! Almost. The third and final season starts tomorrow night (January 13) at 10:30E/7:30P on Much. We have the perfect addition to your binge watch catch-up. The Kroll Show Bingo Card.

How does one play Kroll Show Bingo? It’s easy. You can play on your own or a with a group. Pick a Kroll Show episode (or one for each player in the game), play them all the way through, and see how many Bingo boxes you can check off.

For example, say you picked Season 2 Episode 6: “Mother, Daughter, Sister Wife” as one of your episodes. You just scored: unfortunate facial hair, a fake reality show could actually exist, Headmaster Wolfie being unintelligible, Gil and George get worked up and excessive use of sound effects.

Don’t forget, centre square “Season 3” is a freebie. Download and play today!

Download and print your own card here.