Play ‘Say Anything’ with Arkells’ Max Kerman

arkellsHeader image by Pat Beaudry

Festival veterans Arkells rocked the stage on day two of Osheaga. Celebrating the festival’s 10th anniversary, they delivered a satisfying set–a straight ahead, sing-along, sweat-drenched rock show.

You sounded pretty good today, Montreal. Leather Jacket, Osheaga Chapter.

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Frontman Max Kerman, a Hamilton native, is now also a part of the Much family–he’ll be co-producing Much’s first-ever podcast series “Mike On Much” hosted by Mike Veerman.

Before Kerman took the stage with his bandmates, Much’s Gaby Henderson got the chance to sit down wit Kerman to play a quick game of Say Anything.

Check out the video below to see Gaby give Max Kylie Jenner lips and be sure to keep up with for more Osheaga updates and recaps!