Play The Golden Globes Bingo Game This Sunday!


Whether you’re watching the Golden Globes solo on Sunday night (and yelling/crying without judgment) or enjoying the booziest award show of the year with friends, we have just the thing for you!

Play the 73rd Annual Golden Globes Bingo with one of six custom Bingo cards. Did Ricky Gervais take off his jacket? Someone make a political joke? Any winners crying on stage? Check off another box and work your way to an entertaining (and probably 20 minutes over time) evening of Globes Bingo!

Watch the 2016 Golden Globe Awards hosted by Ricky Gervais on Sunday at 8 pm on CTV and CTV GO.

Right click on the images below to save and print the cards!

GoldenGlobes16_Bingcard (1)

GoldenGlobes16_Bingcard(cate) (1)

GoldenGlobes16_Bingcard(jen) (1)

GoldenGlobes16_Bingcard(leo) (1)