Pop Culture Halloween Costumes You’re Going To See Everywhere This Year

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year and it’s not just because it’s of the creative hot drinks. With Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s in the process of getting their show-stopping ensembles together. If you’re having trouble deciding what to dress up as this year, here’s a list of trending pop culture references to consider—or to avoid—if you don’t want to see a slew of characters in the same costume as you.


Pennywise from It

Move over, Joker, there’s a new spooky clown on the street. While The Joker and his queen Harley Quinn were the hottest costumes last year, the only clown that everyone will be mimicking this year is Pennywise from the highly acclaimed horror film It.

Baywatch Characters

Despite the cooler season now, if you’re missing summer, that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up as the Baywatch cast, right?

Game of Thrones Characters

As TV’s biggest global blockbuster comes to an end this season, you can bet that a lot of people will be dressing up as their favourite characters, given the show’s huge fan base. Expect to see a lot of people walking around as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen (but, maybe no dragons, unfortunately).

Wonder Woman

While this iconic character is a classic who’s been mimicked for years, Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the heroine has made it a trending Halloween costume all over again.

Riverdale Characters

Are you more like sporty, redheaded Archie Andrews, the girl-next-door Betty Cooper, the rich fashionista Veronica Lodge, or the sarcastic misfit, Jughead Jones? Or maybe you’re the Queen Bee redhead Cheryl Blossom? It can be hard to pick your favourite, but if you do you’ll probably be able to find the rest of your gang, given the popularity of the series.

Stranger Things Characters 

After making its successful debut before Halloween last year, a lot of people will be dressing up as their favourite characters (but mostly Eleven, let’s be real) again, seeing as the series is set to return for its second season this week.

Belle and The Beast

Who says you’re too old to dress up as a Disney princess? Beauty and the Beast was one of the biggest movies of the year, and there was spike in online searches for yellow dresses because of it. As a relatively simple costume to recreate, the hardest part might be finding a Beast to go with you.

Sebastian and Mia from La La Land

Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only yellow dress we’ll be seeing this year. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s “City of Stars” from La La Land is still stuck in our heads, and it’s likely that many others found Halloween inspiration from the jazz musical that almost won Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

Rick and Morty

Fans of this cult Adult Swim sitcom took it upon themselves to demand McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce–referenced in the season three opener of the series—be brought back, and the restaurant (sort of) complied. Needless to say, with a fandom that big, you’ll definitely see some Halloweeners dressing up as the titular duo.

All the versions of Taylor Swift

Back in August, Taylor Swift released her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” from her upcoming album Reputation. In the now-iconic video, the singer brought back all of her former selves from previous videos, which conveniently lends itself to a perfect squad costume.