Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts For Your Pop Culture Boo (Or You)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t figured out what to get your boo just yet, don’t worry, there’s still time. There’s also still time to find a date, although you may want to wait a few days to avoid the gift-giving sitch.

Of course, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst thing in the world, no matter how many rom coms are built on that premise. Be your own valentine, buy something for yourself, and then score some discount chocolate on February 15.

Whoever you’re buying for on February 14, here are last minute gift ideas anyone will love.

For The Beyoncé Fan

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Beyoncé has released a limited edition run of V-Day inspired merch, perfect for your Bae or yourself. T shirts, long sleeve tees, shorts and phone cases all featuring Beyoncé images are lyrics are a must for any fan of Queen Bey. $30 – $45 USD at Beyoncé.com


For The Broad City Fan

For the kween in your life, or the one that stares back at you in the mirror every morning, Broad City merch is a great Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day gift. Fronds to the ond. $20 USD from


For The Shawn Mendes Fan

If you want to smell like Shawn Mendes, this probably isn’t the right gift. But if you or your lady friend want to smell how Shawn Mendes would want you to smell, this perfume is perfect. $80 at Shoppers Drug Mart


For The Poet

Canadian Rupi Kaur garnered a huge following on social media after she became the favourite poet of every celeb. Show just how deep you are by gifting your S/O with Kaur’s latest book, The Sun and Her Flowers$12.39 at Indigo


For The Taylor Swift Fan

Taylor Swift has a big reputation, and that also means a big tour coming up and a lot of cool new merch. For the Swiftie in your life, Valentine’s Day is the best time to say ‘I love you and won’t write a song about you…unless you cross me.’ A hoodie should get this message across. $45 – $95 USD at


For The Unconfirmed Couple

Not quite sure whether you should be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pseudo-boo? There’s a card for that. $6.50 on ETSY


For The Rap-Loving Couple

Let Post Malone help you say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like only he can. $6.25 on ETSY


For The Fifty Shades Fan

There’s a reason these movies always arrive in theatres just in time for Valentine’s Day and that reason is sexy times. If the bad reviews and the even worse writing in the novels doesn’t do it for you, we suggest picking up the soundtrack instead. $12.88 on Amazon


For Your Galentine

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples thanks to the new fake holiday, Galentine’s Day. Remind your best friend just how great they are with this candle that includes all the loving acronyms. $18.38 at Indigo