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Remember The Pop Stars Who Appeared In Movies And On The Soundtracks

After we heard the song Cara Delevigne recorded for the Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets soundtrack, we got thinking about all of the times actors (and musicians) appeared on their film’s soundtracks. Simply put, sometimes it works—and sometimes it really doesn’t.

Here are some of our favourite singers-turned-actors (and vice versa) whose songs were featured on their movie’s soundtracks.


Hilary Duff — A Cinderella Story

Honestly, some people are still not over this movie and think about it on a regular basis. Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray were in peak form for this romantic comedy/Disney spin-off, with Duff even contributing a few big songs to the soundtrack. “Our Lips Are Sealed” was definitely the must popular Duff song that surfaced, as it has the added bonus of featuring her sister Haylie Duff.


Miley Cyrus — The Last Song

In line with the rekindling of the real life couple that was born out of this Nicholas Sparks adaptation, this is truly the best time to revisit this film and Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You”. You could feel the love between Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth on screen and, despite a weird, brief hiatus, we’re so happy that they’re back IRL.


Lindsay Lohan — Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen

Most Lohan movies featured a few of her early 2000s bops, but we choose Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen because the movie feels like prime Lohan, prior to some of her memorable public mishaps.


Eminem — 8 Mile 

We know you know “Lose Yourself”—heck, you probably know every word. But no one spits it with quite as much intensity as Eminem himself in his loosely biographical movie 8 Mile. If it’s been a while, we highly suggest revisiting this gem.


Amanda Seyfried — Dear John

Nicholas Sparks has blessed us with so many sappy books-turned-movies (two in this list, even), and in this particular tear-jerker, we were thrilled to have leading lady Seyfried’s delicate and sweet vocal chops showcased. Despite being a very slow ballad, “Little House” took off in 2010.


Taylor Swift — Valentines Day

“Today Was A Fairytale” was one of two Swift songs featured in this celebrity-packed holiday film. In a sea of plot lines, Taylor’s stands out because it was true to her real life in 2010, as she was going strong with Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner, who appears as her high school beau in the film.